On November 25, 2011, we welcomed to the world our baby girl Grace. We spent a little over 2 amazing hours loving her while she was alive and then she slipped away to spend eternity in heaven. After experiencing such a loss, we felt very led to honor Graces life and glorify God by blessing other children in some way, which led us to start Blessed by Grace.
Through this non-profit foundation we hope to bless special and deserving children by making over their bedrooms.

For more information contact:

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jennie!! What joy and love have been poured all around Meredith and her family and all of us who have been praying for you and those that have participated in this divine gracious gift giving!!! I was brought to tears watching the video and her sweet reaction to being Blessed by Grace! What a leading and purpose Gid has given you. Grace will always live on and she will truly make an impact in other children’s lives. So inspired and grateful to be apart of your new chapter!! I love you dearly, Sarah

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